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NOTE: This is a past event.

The SID Mid-Atlantic Chapter, SMPTE New York Section and IEEE Broadcast Technology Society New York Chapter and will be hosting “From Content Creation to Living Room Display,” a full-day, hands-on workshop spanning the entire 3DTV eco-system.  The workshop, to be held on Thursday, December 2, 2010 at Columbia University, NYC, will be presented by Insight Media University’s Chris Chinnock (see bio below).


This workshop is FREE to ATTEND, but register now as attendance will be limited.


The program consists of a full day of intermediate and basic 3D workshop modules that are geared to SMPTE, SID, IEEE members and anyone with a desire to know more about the 3D landscape.  These four modules offer in-depth knowledge about 3D topics.   

The courses are tailored to the technical sophistication of the audience. Given the wide-range of information, there is something for everyone to learn on 3D technology from creation to distribution to display. 

This workshop has been approved for 0.7 CEUs of continuing engineering education credit by IEEE.  If you wish to receive CEU credit, please bring a check for $20.00 made out to IEEE New York Section to the workshop.  Sorry, we cannot accept either cash or credit cards.


     3D Workshop Agenda

AM Sessions:  9:00 AM – 12:00 Noon

·         Introduction (20 minutes)

o        Objectives and Goals of the workshop

o        Introduction to Insight Media

o        Introduction to 3D @ Home Consortium

·         Stereo Vision and 3D Human Factors (90 minutes)

o        One-eye Depth Cues

o        Two-eye Depth Cues

o        Human Factors Introduction

o        Parallax and Convergence - Human Factors Impact

o        Left/Right Image Differences - Human Factors Impact

o        Temporal and Crosstalk Issues - Human Factors Impact

o        Content Mastering - Human Factors Impacts

o        Other Human Factor Issues

o        Human Factors - Health & Safety Concerns

·         3D Content Creation (70 minutes)

o        Stereoscopic 3D Cameras

o        Depth Acquisition and Other 3D Approaches

o        Stereoscopic 3D Content Creation Considerations

o        2D-to-3D Conversion


PM Sessions:  1:00 PM – 4:30- PM

·         3D Broadcast, Programming, Authoring, Playback and Glasses (90 minutes)

o        3D Broadcast Transmission

o        2D + Depth Formats

o        3D Blu-ray Authoring

o        3D Programming

o        3D Playback

·         3D Projection and Direct View Displays (90 minutes)

o        Introduction

o        Broadband Filters (Anaglyph)

o        Narrowband Filters (Projection, LCD)

o        Active Shutter Glasses (LCD, PDP, OLED, Projection)

o        Polarization Switch (Projection)

o        Active Retarder (LCD)

o        Patterned Retarder (LCD, OLED)

o        Dual Stack / Dual Engine (Projection)

·         Demonstrations (30 minutes)


Workshop Presenter:  Chris Chinnock, President Insight Media/Insight Media University

Chris Chinnock is President of Insight Media, a display industry publishing and consulting company he started in 1998.  Insight Media provides technology, market and product intelligence through monthly and yearly display technology reports, custom consulting, conferences and training.  Insight Media has a roster of over 800 companies that subscribe to various services, including custom consulting, on a worldwide basis.  Mr. Chinnock takes an active role in all of these activities.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) from the University of Colorado and for 15 years he worked in a variety of engineering, management and business development positions at companies such as General Dynamics, MIT Lincoln Labs, Honeywell Electro-Optics, GE AstroSpace and Barnes Engineering.  This was followed by 5 years as a freelance journalist and consultant prior to starting Insight Media.

Contact:  Insight Media University, Dian Mecca, (203) 831-8464,  dian ~ at ~ insightmedia.info