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NOTE: This is a past event.

*SID-MAC Presentation*

Digital Micro Shutter Technology for Full Color and Video Displays
Jignesh Ghandi, Pixtronix

*Thursday, November 10, 2011*
*Columbia University*


Pixtronix has developed the Digital Micro Shutter (DMSTM) Technology which
enables low power direct view displays with exceptional image quality as
well as application agility. DMSTM technology is based on MEMS
micro-shutters fabricated on active TFT backplanes. This enables the
development of color sequential, time division gray scale, direct-view
displays achieving breakthrough performance. The power consumption is ˝ to
Ľ of the power consumption of comparable TFT-LCD and OLED display
modules. A recycling backlight and display cavity and low power TFT designs
ensure low power consumption. The device has excellent sunlight readability
in transflective color and monochrome reflective modes and can be actively
modified between 24 bit color video and B&W static monochrome modes through
the use of Application Agility. These displays have been publicly released
by Samsung and Hitachi Displays.  Dr. Ghandi’s presentation will discuss
the technology, device structure and achieved performance of these devices.


Jignesh Gandhi has more than15 years of experience in development and
fabrication of display technologies and electro-optic devices including
MEMS displays, LCoS Microdisplays and LCDs. As Director of Systems
Engineering at Pixtronix, Inc., he is responsible for system design
specifications including display control systems, display algorithms and
display and backlight optical designs for their novel Digital Micro Shutter
display technology. Prior to joining Pixtronix, his major contributions in
display field were in design and process development work with Philips LCoS
Microdisplays, Hana Microdisplay and Liquid Crystal Institute.

Jignesh Gandhi holds a Ph.D. from University of Pittsburgh in Applied
Physics and B. Tech.