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NOTE: This is a past event.

Emerging Display, PV and Electronics Technology
Developments at Merck/EMD
Thursday, November 12


Merck/EMD has made significant investments over the last decade in materials research and acquisitions to enable a broad range of potential applications. A number of these have now reached a developmental level of maturity such that products have been commercialized. An overview of this array of material technologies, their attributes, their applications and the benefits to end users will be presented.


Bob Miller is the Senior Business Manager of Liquid Crystals and Emerging Technologies for EMD Chemicals, the North American specialty chemicals affiliate of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany. Mr. Miller is responsible for pursuing new business opportunities in the display, printable electronic, photovoltaic, OLED and touch panel industries, and developing working relationships with customers and technology development partners.

Mr. Miller joined EMD Chemicals in Central Product Management in 2002, responsible for management of the Pigments Division product portfolio, moved to Corporate Business Development in 2005 and assumed his current role in the Liquid Crystals Division in 2007.

Prior to joining EMD, Mr. Miller worked as the Global Marketing Manager for Perkin-Elmer’s thermal analysis business. Earlier, he held managerial positions in R&D, Marketing and Operations in the former Ciba Specialty Chemicals’ Polymers Division. Mr. Miller has an MBA in Marketing from Fordham University as well as a BS in Chemistry from CUNY and an MS in Polymer Chemistry from UConn.