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NOTE: This is a past event.

Picoprojectors—2009 State of the Industry


     Matthew Brennesholtz

      Senior Analyst

      Insight Media


Thursday, October 15

Interschool Lab at Columbia University Schapiro/CEPSR 530 W120th Street, New York, NY Dinner at 6PM Presentation at 7PM



Picoprojectors are small projectors, typically handheld and with 7 – 15 lumens of output.  The first products were announced at CES ’08  and commercially available in March 2008.  In this talk I will discuss the applications and market requirements for picoprojectors and which technologies seem to be the best match for these market requirements.  My presentation will include a discussion of the markets and applications of currently available picoprojector products, deficiencies in these current products and the technologies that can minimize or eliminate these deficiencies.  The technology discussion not only will include basic components such as illumination and image generation technologies, but also picoprojector modules, batteries, connectivity, etc.




Matthew Brennesholtz has worked in the display field since receiving his Masters of Engineering degree from Cornell University in 1978.  He has worked on direct view CRT systems and projection systems based on CRTs, oil-film light valves, DMDs, LCDs and LCoS.  In addition to system level work, he was involved in the design and testing of optical components for these systems.   Currently he is at Insight Media providing consulting and other services to the display industry.

Mr. Brennesholtz has recently updated the book “Projection Displays,” published by John Wiley and Sons, to the second edition.  He is also author or co-author of 21 SID and SPIE papers and holds 23 US patents.  He has presented numerous tutorials on display related topics to the SID, SPIE and at other venues.  At Insight Media, he has co-authored 15 marketing and technology reports, on subjects including LEDs, lasers, and lamps for projection systems, direct view LCD backlight systems, low-cost projectors, and 3D systems.  His latest effort at Insight Media was a 275 page study of the picoprojector industry.


The presentation will be at Columbia University in New York City in the Interschool lab in the Schapiro-CEPSR building (which is on 120th Street).  Access to the building is possible from 120th street or the central campus entrance on 116th street after the 120th street gate is locked (this usually occurs between 6 and 7PM).  A map is available