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Do radiologists really need medical grade displays? -  Dr. David Hirschorn

Abstract- Radiologic imaging went digital in the mid 1990s, but the typical consumer displays available at that time provided inadequate spatial and contrast resolution.  This led to creation of a new industry – the medical grade display.  These displays have developed over time, but have always provided greater luminance, more stable luminance, greater spatial resolution and other advantages over their consumer grade counterparts.  Of course this comes with a price tag on the order of 10 times the price, making it necessary to think twice before purchasing these displays for all use cases.   There are in fact some use cases where consumer grade displays can be used in a manner that is clinically acceptable and more cost-effective.  In some situations, the highest-end medical grade displays can actually degrade clinical performance due to mismatch between acquisition and display resolution.  A good understanding of which display characteristics best suit a given clinical use case will yield the most clinically beneficial and cost-effective solution.

Speaker Bio- Dr. David Hirschorn joined Staten Island University Hospital as Director of Radiology Informatics in 2003 and concurrently served as a Research Fellow in Radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School for seven years.  He completed a fellowship in Radiology Informatics at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School in 2003.  An RSNA Research Trainee Prize was awarded to him that year for his work on international teleradiology.  Dr. Hirschorn is a frequent lecturer and author on topics including medical image displays, mobile devices for medical imaging, teleradiology, PACS, RIS and speech recognition dictation systems.  His research includes understanding the requirements for medical imaging displays in the context of an ever changing market of consumer and medically marketed displays as well as mobile devices.

When- Sept 30th, 6:00pm for Dinner, 7:00pm for Presentation

Where- Columbia University, Room number will be confirmed in a following email