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Striving for Failure

Hemanth Vepakomma and Don Clark - Corning Inc.

Future is flexible!  Strength and reliability of glass plays a significant role in thin, curved and flexible displays. There is a general misconception that thin glass is weaker, we will debunk this myth with a set of videos and interactive demos. As-formed glass is extremely strong and gets weakened only by the subsequent handling processes. This high strength can be retained by implementing certain best practices when handling glass. This talk will start with the fundamentals of glass strength including fatigue behavior of glass. Each glass application requires a mechanical reliability strategy that is optimized for that application. We will talk about how this reliability strategy can be built by using failure mode analysis, fractography, modeling and experimentation.

Speaker Bio: Dr. Hemanth Vepakomma is responsible for strength and reliability of display glasses in the Display Technologies division of Corning Incorporated. In addition to strength of glass, he conducts modeling (finite element analysis) and experiments to understand the stresses developed in display products. He joined Corning Inc. in 2006 and spent the first five years modeling stresses in various Corning products. For the last five years, his work is focused on strength and reliability of glass. Dr Vepakomma travels to various display manufacturers around the world to provide support and training related to glass failures. He is the associate editor for the Journal of SID and acts as an expert supporting USNC (US National Committee) for TC110 which is part of IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission). He obtained B.E. in mechanical engineering from University of Madras, India, M.S. from Florida State University and Ph.D. from Andhra University, India.

November 5th, 2015
6:00pm Dinner
7:00pm Presentation

414 Schapiro/CEPSR
Columbia University
530 West 120 Street, 4th floor
New York, NY
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